Pedestrian navigation

Cellular and Pedestrian navigation

Accurate and reliable navigation in urban areas

S-GNSS® enable high accuracy, high integrity positioning in urban environments on mobile and wearable devices, enabling pedestrians to navigate with confidence outdoors and indoors.

It enables seamless urban wayfinding, deliveries, ride-hailing safety and security

  • 10x improvement in accuracy of GNSS
  • Resolving problems of multipath and signal reflection
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation
  • Ubiquitous indoor navigation, no additional infrastructure
  • Magnetic-free compass

How it works

S-GNSS enables highly accurate positioning at a higher confidence level by rejecting reflected satellite signals. This is especially useful in urban canyons where the problems of multipath can magnify errors and reduce the integrity of positioning.

S-GNSS also enables magnetic-free compass, solving the problem of pedestrians being incorrectly directed when first emerging from a building onto a street.

Our D-Tail technology uses sensor fusion to build a centimetre-level view of the motion of a mobile or wearable device. Unlike competing systems, it does not rely on any additional infrastructure such as bluetooth or wireless networks.

How to get it

S-GNSS is a software product that is installed at a chipset level. We partner with leading chipset manufacturers to enable devices - please contact our sales team to find out more

For cellular devices using an enabled chip, it can be also accessed via the S-GNSS API.