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Anti-spoofing and Cybersecurity

Our S-GNSS® product enables devices to detect, reject and locate spoofing signals.

Our S-GNSS® product is the only consumer grade software product capable of determining the angle of arrival of GNSS signals, enabling rejection of spoof signals and spoofer localisation.

This effectively provides military-grade spoofer rejection and localisation through software alone, on consumer-grade devices.

  • New category of angle of arrival measurements
  • 25x improvement in receiver sensitivity
  • Detection and rejection of signal spoofing
  • Determination of the physical location of signal spoofers
Spoofer Jupiter Plots

Plots showing signal strength. red dots = true satellite position, lighter colours = stronger signals. Spoofer signal appears in south, is rejected by S-GNSS which stays locked to true signal

How it works

Spoofing involves broadcasting fake satellite signals in order to confuse the receiver. Spoofing is used by criminal networks, maritime pirates and fraudsters. As the cost of spoofing technology comes down, the danger to business and consumers is increasing.

Supercorrelation is the underlying technology inside S-GNSS. Supercorrelation enables a receiver to determine the direction each signal is coming from, meaning it can instantly detect fake signals as spoofers and ignore those signals completely. It can also pinpoint where in the physical environment the signal is coming from.

S-GNSS is the only consumer-grade product in the market capable of these unique performance characteristics.

The closest existing alternative is a military-grade Controlled-Radiation Pattern Antenna (CRPA) which uses 7 antennas mounted within a large dome in order to ignore spoofers. A CRPA is typically $10,000, weighs 7.5kg, and consumes 20W.

S-GNSS can improve the sensitivity of receivers by up to 25x using just software, currently such gains are only possible by adding expensive hardware antennas.

Find out more

Our anti-spoofing products are dependent on having S-GNSS integrated at a chipset level. We partner with leading chipset manufacturers to enable devices - please contact our sales team to find out more.

FocalPoint Smart-device chipsets Automotive RTK Military
Sensitivity -171 to -178 dBm -164 dBm -164 dBm -164 dBm
Long integration scheme Coherent Incoherent Incoherent None Incoherent
Supercorrelators Yes No No No No
Multipath and NLOS rejection Yes No No No No
Angle of arrival sensitivity Yes No No No Only with $10,000 antenna
Anti spoofing Yes, without encryption No No No Only with latest valid encryption key, or with $10,000 antenna
Skyscan output Yes No No No No
Spoofer localisation Yes No No No No
Seamless indoor-outdoor operation Yes Partial No No No
Standalone system (does not require continuous live corrections data) Yes Yes Yes No Yes