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Asset tracking and site safety

Our D-Tail and Supercorrelation software enable high accuracy, low energy, infrastructure-free positioning in difficult environments for human-carried and machine-mounted devices.

Applications include safety and security, efficiency gains, digital twin and automation

  • True 3D positioning to within 5m
  • Infrastructure-free - no reliance on bluetooth or wifi networks for positioning
  • Real time or post-processed
  • Magnetic-free compass

Plot showing the level of accuracy of positioning achieved indoors and outdoors using our D-Tail product

How it works

Our Supercorrelation product enables accurate positioning and direction of travel measurements at a higher confidence level by rejecting reflected satellite signals. This is especially useful in industrial environments where metal installations can lead to high levels of signal reflection and interference with magnetic compasses.

Our D-Tail product uses sensor fusion to track motion at the centimetre level indoors and outdoors. Unlike competing systems, it does not rely on any additional infrastructure such as bluetooth or wireless networks.

How to get it

Supercorrelation is a software product that is integrated at a chipset level. We partner with leading chipset manufacturers to enable devices.

Depending on the specific use case D-Tail is available as an API. We partner with OEMs, systems integrators and application developers to provide custom APIs built for your industry.