We're shifting up a gear

We’ve come a long way since we started as a small group of world-leading engineers and academics with ambitious plans; now our new brand signifies another milestone for us as we transition from an R&D focussed IP factory to a customer- and partner-focussed commercial enterprise, bringing the groundbreaking benefits of our S-GNSS and D-TAIL products to the world.

For our business and our team, it was the right time to reflect on the real world purpose that drives us, and the values that we hold most important.

To do so, we worked with Cambridge agency 10 Creative to capture the spirit of our mission and our team, and bring to life the beauty and complexity of the data we handle and the problems we tackle.

The refresh includes an updated logo marque, a colour-palette upgrade, new fonts and most importantly, the tools and symbols to revamped our core technology demonstration and data visualisation.

Ollie Scognamiglio, Founder & Creative Director at 10 Creative

"Having the chance to create an identity for such an exceptional company has been brilliant. Our challenge was to engage the target audience with something that breathed absolute authority and was best in class. The new design draws on the brand’s unique capabilities to build a complete visual language that takes ownership of the positioning space"

Commenting on the changes, Founder and CEO of FocalPoint, Ramsey Faragher said:

"I’m really pleased with our new brand. FocalPoint are at heart a team of mission driven engineers and I hope you agree that our grown-up new brand echoes this.”
Logo comparison

Before and after

If you'd like to learn more about our rebrand, 10 Creative have written a case study about the project which you can view here.

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Example of our data representation and company icons