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Supercorrelation hits the headlines

We're delighted to see our award-winning Supercorrelation technology on the front cover of the January/February issue of Inside GNSS.

Inside GNSS

Head to page 30 for a 4-page spread on Supercorrelation

The article was borne from a technical panel session co-presented with our friends from UCL at ION GNSS+ Conference last year; combining Inertially-aided Extended Coherent Integration (Supercorrelation) with 3D-Mapping-Aided GNSS


  • Founder and CEO, Dr Ramsey Faragher - FocalPoint
  • Principle Scientist, Paulo Esteves - FocalPoint
  • Paul D. Groves, Associate Professor - University College London
  • Qiming Zhong, Research Fellow - University College London

Supercorrelation is a chipset-level software product for mobiles, wearables and vehicles that revolutionises their positioning ability in urban environments. To find out more, please head to our product page.