Supercharged, thanks to Suraksha

Back in April, amidst the chaos of Covid-19, we were delighted to have Suraksha join the FocalPoint family.

Today, on Ada Lovelace Day, Suraksha has smashed her probation and has slotted in brilliantly with the Bristol software team, working as a C++ Software Engineer.

I am a regular user of navigation apps so I was excited to get to grips with FocalPoint's new technology that brings accurate positioning to mobile and other devices. The team continues to be friendly and supportive.


Suraksha joined FocalPoint at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, yet despite having to work remotely from day one she has adapted really well to her new role and become an integral part of the team. In her first six months she has already contributed to a major milestone in the company’s history -- namely the first delivery of our S-GNSS product to a customer! -- and is continuing to develop her knowledge and skills as we build towards the next major product release. Great to have you on the team, Suraksha!

Mark Crockett, VP Technology

So what has Suraksha's career path as an engineer looked like? Over to you Suraksha...

It all began in India; it was there I studied for my Bachelor of Engineering at Mangalore Institute of Engg. & Technology in Mangalore.

Experience wise - previously I have worked with General Electric Aviation, Siemens Healthcare for developing a software to display medical images which are used in hospitals, and I've also worked in the GNSS domain for Accord software and systems. I have worked in Test Driven development and Agile methodology environments and look forward to adding to my 4 year engineering portfolio in the navigation and positioning field.

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My little helper keeping me company :-)

Stay tuned for more colleague blogs over the coming weeks.

To mark Ada Lovelace Day 2020, we are proud to be offering the next generation of female talent valuable work experience opportunities through Workfinder whilst getting valuable work completed for our business in return. We want to help these bright minds get their start in their careers.

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