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National Technology Awards winners: Security Innovation of the Year

The judges at this year’s National Technology Awards hailed our Supercorrelation™ technology as a “very exciting SpaceTech innovation with huge potential for growth”, naming it Security Innovation of the Year.

This achievement marks another milestone for our team, following previous accolades from esteemed institutions including the UK Royal Institute of Navigation and the US Institute of Navigation.

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Becky Read, VP People seen collecting the award

Guarding against cyber attacks
Spoofing presents a critical threat to business and consumers. Supercorrelation™ can protect any device against GPS spoofing and enable devices to determine where the spoofer is located. A compromised GPS location for an autonomous vehicle could threaten a passengers safety, causing the vehicle to become misdirected, diverted or even taken control of. Our technology addresses a pressing need in the current landscape where cyber attacks, including spoofing are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The impact of spoofing
Spoofing involves transmitting false satellite signals to confuse devices that rely on GPS positioning. The consequences of spoofing attacks can be far-reaching. Misdirected shipping, disrupted aircraft navigation, and compromised autonomous vehicles are just a few examples of the potential dangers. In recent years, security agencies have observed a surge in GPS spoofing activities associated with the conflict in Ukraine. Additionally, spoofing techniques have the potential to redirect vehicles, undermine law enforcement efforts, and compromise security systems that rely on location validation, including payment and banking systems.

The power of Supercorrelation™:
By mitigating GPS spoofing attacks, Supercorrelation™ technology solves a fundamental security weakness in current GPS systems ensuring devices can operate safely. Furthermore, Supercorrelation™ not only protects against spoofing but also enhances location accuracy and reliability, benefiting a wide range of industries and applications.

Looking Ahead
We would like to express our thanks to the judges for recognising the significance of Supercorrelation™ and we are excited about our contributions to positioning technologies for a smarter world.

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