Jack Snowdonia

Meet our Senior Algorithms Engineer

Where in the UK are you based and what do you do, day-to-day?

I’m based in North Wales, high up in Snowdonia. This is where I work. It is a privilege only made possible through a company that has embraced remote working. Looking through my office window, Snowdon dominates the skyline (pictured bove). During my lunch, I can walk the dog in the mountain air and have lunch with my family.

My day-to-day work involves designing and developing novel GNSS algorithms alongside a dedicated team. Together, we continuously improve existing algorithms and actively investigate state-of-the-art and novel techniques to further advance them.

Any cool apps you’re using at the moment?

    A great app is ‘BirdNET’, this nifty app identifies birds from their song. Via a real-time spectrogram, ‘passages’ of song can be selected, and through some deep learning magic out pops a bird species!

    Another nice free app is ‘Lunar Phase’ by ‘AndScaloid’. This shows you the position of the sun and moon (along with orbit paths, and rising and setting times).

    What made you choose your current technical career path?

      Music. I have an MEng in acoustical engineering, which I ultimately pursued due to a passion for music and physics. I spent a number of years working in this field and did a PhD centered upon clinical Doppler ultrasound and AI. This ‘journey’ allowed me to develop valuable skills, such as signal processing, coding and research.

      Before joining FocalPoint, I was seeking an opportunity that was engaging, challenging, and allowed me to continue applying and honing my skills. My current role is still centered upon waves, but now they are electromagnetic. I work with signals received from space vehicles zooming around the earth. In order to extract valuable information, a swathe of hurdles must be overcome, including time dilation. This is all pretty cool.

      GNSS is only possible due to centuries of scientific progression, and FocalPoint is at its forefront. Needless to say, my role satisfies my wants in a career amply.

      Quick fire

      Age: 30
      University: Southampton + Cardiff
      Android or IOS? Android
      Three words to describe you: Creative Outdoors Dad.
      Hobbies: Music (playing + listening), surfing.

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