Garden party 2019 - 100

Looking forward... with bubbly

On Thursday 1st August Focal Point Positioning (FocalPoint) Executive team met with investors to present our current business activities and discuss our future roadmap for delivering our disruptive positioning solutions into the smartphone and automotive sectors.

As we approach the end of our 4th year, we are entering into a new round of funding in order to fuel our growth. We have been fortunate to work with investors from a broad swathe of the UK’s startup funding community with early stage VC’s such as Passion Capital and IQ capital to experienced entrepreneurs in the Cambridge Angels. As we aim for our technologies to be generating revenue in the next 12 months, the shape of the business has to reflect this ambition. We are accelerating our growth in the technical teams to meet the demands of commercially-deployable technologies and the creation of new commercial functions in order to lead our business development and product development strategies; we are shedding our startup culture and kicking into a higher commercial gear.

“We are very fortunate to have a lot of interest in a planned funding round as we look to scale the company to meet all of the interest we have from our smartphone partners. This next 18 months are going to be very exciting as we execute against our commercial strategy and serve more customers with our positioning software“ commented Dr Ramsey Faragher, Founder and CEO of FocalPoint.

As is now becoming tradition, investors, colleagues and friends of the company were all invited for drinks and canapes at our annual Garden Party at the beautiful Queens’ College.

Garden party 2019 - 18
Garden party 2019 - 65
Garden party 2019 - 2
Garden party 2019 - 27
Garden party 2019 - 86
Garden party 2019 - 83
Garden party 2019 - 90
Garden party 2019 - 94

The garden party was a great opportunity for our Cambridge and Bristol teams to catch up over a beer and to network with familiar faces from the Cambridge tech scene.

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