Career spotlight on Software Engineer, Suraksha

On International Women’s Day we’re joining in with celebrating the talents of our female workforce.

Proud to be part of a diverse team, Suraksha joined FocalPoint with a wealth of software expertise and advanced skills in C++, python and testing. As an integral part of our software team, she's currently focusing on developing new features, testing and fixing bugs in C++ and MATLAB.

Graduating from Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering, Suraksha was awarded a Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering in 2014, joined FocalPoint in 2019 after having worked for GNSS and software companies in India and UK. Notably hard to recruit alongside the shifts in priorities and technology over the last few years, the role of the software developer has become one of the most in-demand roles in technology, and makes up 25% of our of roles.

“At our university, there were significantly more girls than boys studying engineering, this was equally matched across our computer science and software related courses. My gender has never been an issue for me, however I do feel the industry can still be insensitive towards females at times and clearly there is a long way to go until we have achieved equity.

At FocalPoint we have an extremely diverse team in terms of experience, cultures and backgrounds which is so refreshing to be part of - all ideas are welcomed and considered and because of this we are able to be our best selves, never feeling judged or compared. I'm truly honored to be part of our mission” commented Suraksha.

The future for Suraksha looks bright, she’s proud to help celebrate the achievements of women in engineering and be part of a community of like minded individuals that instigate change, whilst continuing to flourish in her role.


Suraksha striking last year's 2022 IWD pose