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Bridging the Gender Gap: FocalPoint's Commitment to Equality in Scientific Industries.

Bridging the Gender Gap: FocalPoint's Commitment to Equality in Scientific Industries.

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific industries, where innovation is key, it's imperative to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. Despite strides made in recent years, achieving gender parity in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) sector remains an ongoing challenge. “Girls and women are systematically tracked away from science and math throughout their education, limiting their access, preparation and opportunities to go into these fields as adults.”(The STEM Gap) At FocalPoint, we recognise the importance of addressing this issue head-on and fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment.

Acknowledging the Challenge

The first step towards addressing any issue is acknowledging its existence. Inequality, often subtle and subconscious, persists due to ingrained habits, historical biases, and assumptions. Both men and women play a role in perpetuating these disparities. We must challenge these norms, rethink our behaviours, and hold ourselves and others accountable for fostering an environment where everyone has equal opportunities for growth and success.

Empowering the Youth

When young individuals enter the workforce or university, their perceptions and aspirations have already been significantly influenced. In the UK, only 35% of STEM students in higher education in the UK are women (Imperial College London). Moreover, many young women have a lack of role models in their field with “Less than 4 % of Nobel Prizes for science have ever been awarded to women, and only 11 %* of senior research roles are held by women in Europe” (For Women In Science). It's crucial that every young person feels empowered to pursue their dreams, guided by inspirational role models who have paved the way for them. This journey begins with education, particularly in schools, where students should be encouraged to explore and embrace STEM subjects.

Traditionally, these industries have been male-dominated fields, leading to a lack of representation and opportunity for women. To address this disparity, we must challenge stereotypes and actively promote inclusivity in STEM education. Providing young women with exposure to diverse role models and showcasing the myriad of career paths within STEM can help broaden their horizons and spark their interest in the field.

Women at FocalPoint

Creating a supportive ecosystem that fosters diversity and inclusion is essential for attracting and retaining talent in the STEM sector. We have a responsibility to not only promote gender diversity but also to create opportunities for young women to thrive and excel in their chosen careers. Whether through internships, scholarships, or networking events, we must actively invest in developing and advancing female talent.

In the lead-up to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we asked the women at FocalPoint for their views on the industry and what it's like to be a woman working at our company. Here are some of their insights:


“I have been in the engineering field for nearly 40 years, so my answer to this question varies with time and work environment. Despite some trials early in my career, the state of the workforce now is very friendly to diversity.

I've never minded working in an environment where I'm often the only woman in the room, possibly because I grew up with five older brothers. I have always felt that being the minority in the room is an advantage, and I embrace the challenge of making my peers judge me on my engineering ability only.

The culture at Focal Point supports everyone equally. I have never felt that my gender influences anyone's view of me, and that's a very refreshing environment to work in. Focal Point has a wonderful company culture that makes it a fabulous place to work. It's delightful to work at a company with so much diversity. I have found that everyone values the different perspectives that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.”


"I've been a woman in male-dominated spaces for a long time - throughout my higher education and career. The vast majority of people couldn't care less, but one can feel self-conscious sometimes as I've met people where you have to be consistently better than your male counterparts before they'll give your opinion the same weight - particularly in academia.

Professionally, I don't want to feel singled out or treated differently than my male colleagues. Instead of feeling "championed", I feel like I am treated with respect and courtesy, a respect that extends, from everyone to everyone, which in my opinion is better. FocalPoint is a great company to work for. We have incredibly skilled employees, who share their domain and specialist knowledge freely, lifting up those around them."

Alice -

"I feel like an equal at FocalPoint, and my views are valued by all colleagues. My ideas are listened to, and I feel empowered to take on any challenges, knowing I have the support of my team and the executives. FocalPoint is a very welcoming and exciting place to work. Everyone takes an interest in each other's work and the exciting new developments of our product. It's a friendly place where everyone works together towards the same goal."

Becky -

"Moving into the technology industry almost five years ago and knowing the growing challenges often faced with diversity and inclusion, I was driven to change the status quo. With one-fifth of our technology team representing gender diversity, we will continue to raise awareness, hire diverse talent, and celebrate the value women bring to our sector."


"There is still work to do in the science sector to close the gender gap, as other fields have achieved significantly more. We are on the right path though, and more women and members of other underrepresented communities than ever are on track for a very bright career in the industry.

FocalPoint is a fantastic place to work, and my career progression has been excellent during my time here. The level of support I have received from my manager and executive lead to develop my engineering and management skills, as well as from the wider leadership team, is far beyond what I could have expected. We have a very diverse workforce, and the different experiences and opinions everyone brings to the table make thoughtful and considerate decisions the default at FocalPoint.

I've always loved figuring out how things work and how they can go wrong, but I didn't have a formal education in computer science so believed a career in technology was out of reach. I saw an opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship in software development, which was advertised as being centred around aptitude rather than experience, and applied impulsively. I had no expectations of a career change as I was comfortable in my chosen field, however, 6 years later, it remains the best decision I have ever made."

At FocalPoint, we are committed to closing the gender gap in science and fostering an environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Through our ongoing support for diversity and inclusion, we are contributing to paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future in Science. We remain committed to inspiring and empowering our women and the next generation of female technology leaders.