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Cityscape with sgnss trail
Unlocking Autonomy: The role of the GNSS sensor

17 May 2024

The vital role of GPS accuracy in wearable tech

26 April 2024

Empowering Innovation: The Role of Mathematics and Statistics at FocalPoint

18 April 2024

5 reasons to visit us at SAE’s WCX conference this year

4 April 2024

The role of S-GNSS® Auto in the vehicle ecosystem: Collaborative partnerships with OEMs and partners

29 March 2024

The Stanford diagram: A simple way to visualise GNSS integrity in ADAS systems

5 March 2024

4 PNT use cases shaping the automotive industry

28 February 2024

Bridging the Gender Gap: FocalPoint's Commitment to Equality in Scientific Industries.

11 February 2024

Unveiling the future: software and automotive steal the show at CES

1 February 2024

GNSS challenges for ADAS engineers: Ensuring positioning reliability

15 January 2024

GNSS challenges for ADAS engineers: Tackling signal sensitivity for extending hands-free driving

10 January 2024

GNSS challenges for ADAS engineers: Enabling lane-level accuracy in difficult environments

19 December 2023

5 reasons to partner on ADAS development

15 December 2023

FocalPoint launches S-GNSS® Auto for automotive OEMs

7 December 2023

5 core conversations shaping the automotive industry

21 November 2023

FocalPoint wins prestigious Institute of Physics Business Award

30 October 2023

FocalPoint Founder wins IOP Dennis Gabor Medal

27 October 2023

How software applied to antennas is redefining GNSS performance

24 October 2023

FocalPoint at Jammertest 2023

11 October 2023

Defining accuracy standards for Autonomous Vehicles

3 October 2023

Absolute v.s. Relative Position

27 September 2023

New functionality launched at ION

13 September 2023

GPS accuracy is impacting last-mile-delivery service

11 September 2023

GPS spoofing: a cyber security threat to in car navigation & AVs

1 September 2023

How we’re fixing GPS accuracy in wearable technology devices

30 August 2023

Introducing our talented Summer 2023 interns

21 August 2023

Research reveals over 80% of UK and US consumers say they are concerned about the risk of GPS spoofing

1 August 2023

GPS Decoded: meeting the demands of the 21st century

25 July 2023

New Bristol hub for colleagues in the South West

27 June 2023

What’s Next for Ubiquitous Lane Level Accuracy?

20 June 2023

National Technology Awards winners: Security Innovation of the Year

15 June 2023

Introducing our algorithm expert, Dr Nghia Nguyen

1 June 2023

What to expect from a FocalPoint visa sponsorship

31 May 2023

Are autonomous vehicles safer than humans?

10 May 2023

The real threat of fake GPS to business and consumers

26 April 2023

Making GPS better

10 April 2023

A picture tells a thousand words

15 March 2023

Why we’re committed to improving diversity

7 March 2023

Career spotlight on Software Engineer, Suraksha

6 March 2023

Career Journey and advice with Principal Engineer Maria Evans

6 March 2023

Why autonomous vehicles will fail without the accurate detection of precise positioning

28 February 2023

Breaking down boundaries: Meet FocalPoint’s new Project Manager

30 January 2023

Trending consumer tech at this years CES

20 January 2023

Helping to solve one of the most complex GNSS problems

16 January 2023

Supercorrelation enhances dual frequency GNSS for game changing performance

9 January 2023

Announcing strategic investment from GM Ventures and collaboration with General Motors on Integration of Next Generation GPS Technologies

5 January 2023

GNSS Engineering - the impact it is having on our lives

22 December 2022

Supercorrelation enables pinpointed location accuracy and security in urban areas

22 November 2022

Anamorphic success thanks to accurate positioning

20 October 2022

Meet our DevOps Engineer, Christy

29 March 2022

Major hiring push rounds off a successful year for FocalPoint

20 December 2021

Meet our Senior Algorithms Engineer

25 November 2021

Meet our Senior Software Engineer, James

9 October 2021

Industry-leading CXO joins the team as we set to double headcount year-on-year

20 September 2021

US chapter begins as we bring in Silicon Valley veteran

7 September 2021

Trailblazing FocalPoint engineer wins top Royal Institute of Navigation award

29 June 2021

Introducing our Product Manager, Jez

24 June 2021

Three dirty secrets about sports wearables

29 April 2021

£6m Series B round will accelerate roll-out of Focal Point products

15 March 2021

Supercorrelation hits the headlines

5 February 2021

What our first major commercial milestone really means

3 December 2020

Introducing Michele, fuelled by c++ and espresso

30 November 2020

Why we’ve joined the Tech Talent Charter

20 November 2020

What’s it like to intern with a tech startup?

30 October 2020

Supercharged, thanks to Suraksha

13 October 2020

Why running wearables fail: behind the scenes of our smartwatch demo

13 July 2020

FocalPoint awarded Royal Institution of Navigation’s highest award for Technical Achievement

2 June 2020

Why Precision Matters for Indoor positioning and mapping

19 May 2020

Banning location data from contact tracing apps makes them less effective and people less safe...

8 May 2020

We’re up for a Europas Award - now we need your vote

7 May 2020

Why you can’t trust Strava to help you run your backyard COVID marathon

3 April 2020

Five things we’ve learnt as a start-up in lockdown

27 March 2020

Here’s how badly your fitness tracker is lying to you

13 March 2020

How we could be fighting COVID-19 in the age of the smartphone

14 February 2020

FocalPoint Founder Scoops Industry Achievement Award

29 January 2020

That time Galileo was stuck in the past

20 December 2019

Why you will never run a marathon on a treadmill

13 December 2019

2019 Unwrapped

10 December 2019

Graduate spotlight on George

9 December 2019

Graduate spotlight on Rose

21 October 2019

Dr Ramsey Faragher wins outstanding achievement accolade by industry experts

27 September 2019

Putting the A-game into AR headsets

14 September 2019

We need to talk about Quantum Navigators (and gravity)

10 November 2018

When milliseconds and millimetres really matter

29 September 2018

Making the future affordable

4 July 2018

Why we still love the Kalman Filter

2 May 2018

Trusted wearables – a two-way street

1 March 2018

Why worry about PRS when you can have S-GNSS instead?

28 February 2018

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