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Making devices more accurate, reliable and secure

Powered by Supercorrelation, the only receiver-level software to provide angle of arrival of radio signals

Supercorrelation™ uses advanced physics and machine learning to significantly improve accuracy, reliability and energy consumption of standard GNSS receivers, with no additional hardware or infrastructure required.

Greater sensitivity

Greater sensitivity

Boost up to 10db
Higher accuracy

Higher accuracy

12x improvement in built up areas
Higher integrity

Higher integrity

Spoofer and jammer rejection

How Supercorrelation works

Screenshot 2022 09 30 at 10 23 43

Supercorrelation in action

See the difference in accuracy for devices running with and without Supercorrelation
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Inside an S-GNSS receiver, powered by Supercorrelation

Supercorrelation horizontal Supercorrelation vertical
Use cases
FPP icon S GNSS 1 smartphone localisation
Cellular and Pedestrian navigation

High accuracy in urban environments

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FPP icon D Tail 2 fingerprint based positioning
Anti-spoofing and Cybersecurity

Detect, reject and locate malicious signals

Read use case
Wearable fitness technology
Sports wearables

Higher accuracy, lower power consumption

Read use case

Safety and accuracy for AVs and driver assistance platforms

Read use case
Cityscape with sgnss trail

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